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@AHiltonWine RT @RealTurkeyLady: Tried @HellsBasementMH for the first time:) So good! #medhat #allhopsforabasement #craftbeerme #thanksKyle #yql https:/

@AHiltonWine RT @AdventSpirits: The Rum's Revenge has arrived @AHiltonWine! #lethbridge #rumsrevenge #pirateshavemorefun https://t.co/c615Qpf2oR

@AHiltonWine $209.95 + tax. https://t.co/Z7SL4Y7dI7

@AHiltonWine A little bit of Macon and a little bit of Emilia-Romagna comprise tonight's First Friday Wine Tasting. Wines open 3… https://t.co/ROYxQl4XGh

@AHiltonWine Tonight! Week 11 of our Free Fall Whiskey Weekends! Peat: Our Very Best. Join us for 6 incredible heavily peated wh… https://t.co/WK2aEMLOWj

@AHiltonWine Hey look! Our 2015 Wine of the Year is back in stock, along with the brand new Cuvée Tardive. Big. Brilliant. Beauj… https://t.co/f82sTrMU7O

@AHiltonWine Tonight! Four great Malbecs under $20! 3 old favourites plus a new challenger in the Zorzal "The Hunted". Great Arg… https://t.co/3JTwxzkhEs

@AHiltonWine Looking for some Christmas Cheer on the cheap? The new ValleDorado wines from Echeverria are fantastic value at jus… https://t.co/zawIk9LaIA

@AHiltonWine Tonight's Whisky Tasting features Jonathan Bray and 6 whiskys from the 2016 Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar. Join us,… https://t.co/0hA3uleNiO

@AHiltonWine Beaujolais Nouveau is here!!! Only 36 bottles available, and only the Villages because Pacific Wines lost our Nouve… https://t.co/cBREpUE1Lw

@AHiltonWine Tonight's lineup for Whisky Tasting: Nothing less than 18 years old, and one 25yr. Come join us, won't you? https://t.co/i1vxIoMRQr

@AHiltonWine Jason & Jonathan are here! Single Cask Nation whisky tasting starts NOW! https://t.co/om9SuqSXzv